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Welcome to Data Vault Modeling Standards, an open WIKI to discuss Data Vault Modeling Standards, propose new standards, propose innovations and changes. Feel free to add pages, setup threads, edit history and move the standards forward (if you so choose).

Matter of Importance: IF you change the standards, please define the following for the readers:

  • WHY the standard needed to be changed (why did it break, under what circumstances)
  • WHAT is the new proposal
  • HOW far along is the new proposal in testing? or is it just a suggestion at this point?
  • WHERE has the new proposal been put in place / proven to work?
  • WHAT are the thoughts of the new proposals' limitations? Are there places where the new proposed solution breaks?

ANYONE can read these pages, once accepted for membership (free), you can modify to your hearts content.

Please remember: try to keep these discussions centered and focused on Data Vault Modeling Standards alone.

Dan Linstedt
Author, Inventor, Founder of Data Vault 1.0 and Data Vault 2.0

Modeling Constructs

Applications of Modeling Components:
Point In Time
Bridge Tables
Hierarchical Link
Same As Link
System Tracking Satellites

Business Vault Constructs:
Business Hub
Business Link
Business Satellites

Constant System Fields:
Hash Keys ** DV2
Load Dates
Load End Dates
Record Sources
Hash Differences ** DV2

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